At Acoustic Design Systems Las Vegas, we design every access control system as a turnkey solution for your specific needs. We also know your needs may change over time, and our systems can grow and evolve to meet those needs. Manage users, create groups, open and close doors, set system rules, get SMS & email alerts, and more – all from a single, easy to use app!

Effortless Cloud Management

The Cloud Node delivers full cloud access control with its easy to use plug-and-play interface. While connecting to IP and/or wimac™ wireless controllers, streamline the entire programming process with full configuration from any web-enabled device.

HOA Management​

Have complete control of the clubhouse, pool, or any other areas of your property. With an access control system, you can easily schedule days and times of access for specific areas and have a complete log of who and when those areas are accessed. Access control is an easy to manage way to enhance the security and safety of your property.

Door Status​

Instantly know the status of every door at your facility in a single glance. Our intuitive interface allows you to not only see whether a door is locked, unlocked, propped, or forced, but it also allows you to change the state from your mobile device.

Mobile Management​

Full mobile management allows complete control whether you are in the office or on the road. The mobile app does not restrict which features are available for mobile management. We give you full control of every feature in the system from any Internet-connected device.

Real-Time Updates

System software updates happen in real-time, giving you the latest features as they are launched. Never worry again about what version of software you are running or if the manufacturer will end-of-life your system.

Cloud Backups

With six months of data protection stored in the cloud, you’re ready for any calamity mother nature may throw in your way. Rest assured, your entire system is backed up each and every night.

“This was one of the best outside companies that I have worked with In a long time. They showed up on time, very professional and did an outstanding job in a timely manner. I’m very pleased with all the work that was done and I’d recommend them time after time.”

Ron S.
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