Decorative acoustic panels not only make a room sound better, they also create a stunning and functional design element in your office, restaurant, conference room, or Home Theater. Properly placed acoustic panels help to control noise, improve voice articulation, and even make music sound better. We can make every person in a room easily hear each other while improving the overall aesthetics of any room.

Acoustic Panels for your Home

With hardwood floors, travertine tiles, lots of glass windows or doors, and all-around hard surfaces – your home can become uncomfortably noisy. Modern architecture and design often can make a home echo. Your home is the perfect place for acoustic panels and other treatments. The right acoustic treatment can transform your noisy home into a comfortable and peaceful environment.
Beyond just quieting the noise in your home, acoustic panels and treatments can optimize the sound for your living room surround sound and Home Theater!

Acoustic Panels for your Business

Whether it be an Office, Restaurant, or Conference Room – Acoustic Treatments can dramatically improve the sound in any environment. Office workers will be more productive, guests won’t have to talk over the noise and conference attendees will be able to easily hear the speaker.

Acoustic Treatment Options

  • Custom Artwork
  • Acoustic Wall Panels
  • Ceiling Panels, such as standard ceiling tiles or decorative Sound Clouds
  • Perforated Wood Panels
  • Fabric wrapped Panels in all types of fabric and colors
  • And much more…

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Acoustic Design Systems is the leader not only in acoustics, but all things home automation.

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