COVID-19 Detection and Beyond

Reopening and operating a business during a pandemic can be challenging. But with the help of thermal imaging cameras and “people counters,” employees and customers can be assured that their health and safety are a top priority.

Whether you are reopening to the public, or solely welcoming employees back to the office, thermal imaging cameras offer a safer way to measure surface skin temperature. Not only that, thermal cameras provide a more accurate and faster reading than the typical forehead or mouth thermometer and allow for those handling the thermal imaging system to be in a different room. While a fever does not solely indicate COVID-19, thermal cameras allow managers to know if an employee or customer is sick once they enter the building.

With social distancing and condensed occupancy guidelines, it is important to know how many people are in your building at all times. Companies have hired staff members to keep track of customers entering and exiting but making sure you have an accurate count can be difficult, as well as costly, due to the need for additional labor. Digital people counter systems are faster, safer, more efficient and automatically update visitor traffic in real-time to ensure you are within a safe occupancy level and allowing for social distancing.

In addition to offering thermal imaging cameras and people counter systems; we carry a full array of commercial safety equipment from camera systems, security alarms, access control, and fire life safety systems to help keep your employees and property safe.

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