Home Theater vs. Media Room – What’s the Difference?

As at-home video streaming usage continues to increase, so does the demand for home theaters and media rooms. But how does a homeowner determine which one to install? It all depends on the experience you prefer.

For those looking for the best theatrical experience, a home theater is for you. According to the Home Technology Association (HTA), a home theater is a dedicated space optimized to achieve the best theatrical experience and is typically “retrofitted in an enclosed ‘bonus’-type space, or is designed into a floorplan in a home’s early design stage.” Similar to public movie theaters, a home theater is equipped with large screens and/or video projectors; acoustically-treated walls, ceiling, and surround sound to optimize sound quality; theater seats perfect for viewing and comfort; and the ability to control ambient lighting. Equipment used to control everything is either displayed in the theater itself or is centralized through an equipment rack located elsewhere in the home.

A media room, on the other hand, is a more adaptable, multipurpose space that allows homeowners to have more of a social, entertaining experience, and can be installed virtually anywhere in a home. Unlike home theaters, media rooms are equipped with flat-panel TVs that can be hidden when not in use; smaller surround sound systems or soundbars; and relaxed seating arrangements so you can entertain guests, relax with family, or watch a football game. Since media rooms can be used for anything, ambient lighting is less of a concern but can be achieved with automated window shades.

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