How a Smart Home Can Make the Holidays More Enjoyable

With the holidays just around the corner, homeowners are beginning to plan their upcoming celebrations, holiday displays, and family trips. Have you ever thought about how smart technology could make celebrating the season and entertaining more convenient and enjoyable? This year, you can become the talk of the neighborhood and alleviate holiday stress with the help of these smart home tools.

Holiday Entertainment

Elevate your holiday display and party hosting with smart home automation and lighting control. With a single, easy-to-use system you can control your holiday music and interior lights right from your smartphone, inwall touch screen, or handheld remote control. Don’t waste time running around plugging in and turning on lights individually; with lighting control, you can program them to turn on at a certain time or perform an entire scene with the touch of a button.

Have a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day but aren’t comfortable going back to theaters yet? Bring the cinematic experience to your personal space with a home theater. This dedicated room will let you, your family, and your friends enjoy your favorite titles or stream new releases while still being able to mingle and eat from the comfort of your home.

Out-of-Town Guests

Don’t worry about making key copies or hiding a spare set for out-of-town guests this holiday season. With smart locks, you can easily send your guests a digital key through your smart lock app and even restrict when they are permitted to enter. Equipped with remote access, voice control, and automation scenes, smart locks allow you to keep your house under “lock and key” while you’re away.

Don’t want your guests to increase your power bill by running the climate control at high temperatures? Try a smart thermostat! With remote connectivity and automated climate controls, you can regulate temperatures and make sure your HVAC system is running correctly when you’re not there.


Traveling for the holidays? Alleviate the stress of potential porch pirates and break-ins with a reliable home security system. With features like alarms, remote monitoring, and cameras, you can have eyes on your home at all times and see when packages are delivered. Integrating your security system with your smart home automation system will allow you to control your lights remotely – turning them on and off at certain times – to make it seem like someone is home.

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