How Access Control Panels Provide Workplace Security & Safety

A secure and clean work setting is the primary concern for organizations of all types as they transition from a virtual workspace and back to an in-person environment. Keeping employees and the public safely socially distanced by minimizing physical contact is a top priority.

Installing or updating an access control system can instill peace of mind for a business, its employees, and the public knowing it is safe and secure. A digital access control system allows companies to limit movement and better monitor the workplace by restricting access to designated entry points with doors, whether they are sliding, revolving, or automatic. Providing another level of security, access control regulates people’s movement – which is crucial for health safety; plus, it can also manage overcrowding in small spaces.

Upgrading to an access control panel can save money by removing the constraint for physical door keys, as well as replacing them when an employee exits the company and doesn’t turn in their key. It can also cut staffing costs by eliminating the need for additional security personnel and omitting the necessity for multiple door keys to gain access.

Access control monitors and registers who is on the property, when and for how long, protecting the business from unauthorized individuals with nefarious intent while discouraging employee theft. This added layer of security allows employees and management to take comfort in knowing who is in the building and on the premises at all times. It can also aid in productivity by allowing staff to access workspaces when needed without having to wait to be admitted.

The benefits are countless for installing or upgrading to an access control system. For more information on access control panels for your business, or to schedule a consultation with one of our System Designers, call or text us at 702-648-7474.