June is Real Estate Month – Increase Your Home’s Value

Over the last few months, homeowners have become more conscientious of their home’s value. Whether they plan on selling now, in the future, or simply want to change their lifestyle, homeowners are adopting smart home technology to increase their home’s value – but which technology should you adopt?

While a hardwired network is more attractive during the time of remote work and learning, homebuyers are searching for products that help save energy, cut costs, or help keep their families and property safe. Coldwell Banker’s most recent smart-home survey found that most potential homebuyers want smart thermostats and fans, smart smoke detectors, smart home security cameras, and smart locks.

Having a hardwired network, smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, or home security system and locks can help increase your home’s value by anywhere from 5% up to 35%. Not only does smart home technology increase your home’s value, but having products or whole-home automation helps sell your home faster. Realtors and researchers have found that, regardless of price, smart homes have a higher and quicker chance of selling than homes without smart technology.

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