Speak it into Existence with Josh.ai

“OK Josh, turn on the TV, and turn on ESPN.”

“OK Josh, turn on the lights, raise the blinds, and set the thermostat to 72.”

“OK Josh…” 

Have you ever wanted to walk into a room, tell your house a command and have it done without lifting a finger? Like being able to wake up to freshly brewed coffee, the kitchen and living room drapes open, and the news humming in the background. Well, now you can, with Josh.ai.

Josh.ai is the first “natural language” and most secure voice-controlled home automation system on the market. Simply walk into a room and give natural commands to activate and control your entire home. Josh.ai’s advanced technology allows it to understand complex commands and forecast your habits with its predictive analytics.

As the next level of voice control in smart home automation, Josh.ai gives you verbal control and the ability to tell it what to do while making your home feel connected to you.

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