Celebrating 20 Years in Business: What’s Changed in the Industry Since 2003?
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Acoustic Design Systems has officially hit 20 years in business! Not only have we increased our project amount, grew our staff and fleet, and established several relationships with new homebuilders, but we’ve seen the automation industry evolve immensely over the years. Walk down memory lane with us as we remember some noteworthy changes that have occurred in the smart home industry since 2003.

Evolution of TV Technology

When we first opened, classic “tube TVs” were still around and plasma TVs were just starting to come out on the market. Now, TVs are mostly all LED or OLED flat screens. Back then, a 42″ plasma with 1080p resolution cost upwards of $15,000. Today, you can get an 85″ OLED or 8K TV that cost a third of that price in some cases. This is four times the resolution of what it was when plasmas came on the market, and four times the size/viewing area, at a third of the price.

Transition to Digital TVs

Remember needing to connect those red, white and yellow wires to your TV to get good picture and sound quality? While most TVs still have the input options for analog streaming, we rarely ever touch them. That’s because in June 2009, the FCC required “all high-power analog U.S. television stations to turn off their signals and move to a digital-only transmission.” Now, we use HDMI chords and receive higher-resolution video and audio.

Decline of Analog Media

TVs weren’t the only devices that transitioned from analog to digital. Media like VCRs, DVDs, laser discs, CDs, cable boxes, satellite dishes, and more have phased out over the past 20 years. Today, we get most of our content – whether video or audio – through streaming devices like Netflix, Apple TV, Roku, Spotify, Tidal, etc. Security camera systems are the same way. They’ve transitioned from analog (sending video over cable to VCRs or DVRs) to IP digital systems (storing recordings on the cloud or in the network). While IP systems are around, many camera systems used today are hybrid systems that incorporate both analog and digital components.

ADS Becomes Sought-After Industry Leader

Over the past two decades, our executives have been sought after as thought leaders offering their expertise to colleagues within the industry. Just last week, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Amanda Crigar, spoke at the National Association of Home Builders of the United States (NAHB) International Builders’ Show® in Las Vegas sharing her knowledge on The Growing Opportunity with Smart Home: What You Need to Know (and When to Call in the Experts).

With over 50 expert technicians and 30 service vehicles, Acoustic Design Systems is proud to provide the Southern Nevada community with revolutionary, custom-designed solutions for commercial and residential home automation and security. For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our System Designers, call or text us at 702-648-7474.