A Look Back at the Last Decade and How Far ADS Has Come

At the start of the new decade, we look back on how much Acoustic Design Systems has changed over the past ten years…. And we want to say THANK YOU.

The recession hit us hard. We had to find ways to stay afloat, scaling back on business operations and finding creative ways to continue providing excellent customer service with less staff and resources. Once we overcame those obstacles, we completely rebuilt and grew the company at a rate quick enough to keep up with increasing consumer demand and interest, since we were one of the very few audio video companies’ in Las Vegas that survived the recession.

Broadening our business model to serve the needs of any budget, ADS grew from 2 to 45 employees over this past decade and even moved from an 1,800 sq. ft facility to a new 9,000+ sq. ft facility three years ago. As the local industry leader in commercial and residential home automation and security solutions, we are continually developing new partnerships; adding services, divisions, and more jobs; and creating opportunities in the market for new employees to come on board and learn the industry. We are proud to be the company we are today and say thank you to our loyal clients who continue to support our efforts. We look forward to seeing what 2020 brings!