The Holiday Season is Approaching – Is Your Home Ready for Guests?
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Want to amplify your get-togethers this holiday season with smart home technology? Don’t wait until the last minute, now’s the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for guests.

While we all like putting up holiday décor outside, you’ll want to make sure the interior of your house is aesthetically pleasing as well. Strategically installing lighted vanity mirrors throughout your home will not only provide your guests with a variety of backdrops for mirror selfies, but the different brightness/dimming levels and color temperature options each mirror features will make sure they’re photographed in the perfect lighting.

The holidays are nothing without music. With distributed audio, your guests will no longer have to stay in a specific area of your house to listen to the music you’re playing. Because you’ll have multiple speakers located throughout your home, the sound will be evenly distributed so you don’t have to set one speaker louder than another. You can even install speakers in your kitchen to make baking and cooking holiday meals fun!

Planning to have family or friends staying with you for the holidays? Give them (and yourself) peace of mind by making sure your house is secured with smart technology. Security measures like a smart lock or a smart doorbell not only allow your guests to enter your home with a digital key but you’ll both feel better knowing you can keep an eye on deliveries and who’s at the door. Afraid your outdoor décor will keep your guests awake at night? Integrate your lights and backyard music with your whole home automation system so you can control everything from your smartphone or automate everything to turn on and off at specific times.

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