Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Which Upgrade Shall I Choose this Fall?
Photo credit: Séura

Have you ever considered updating the mirrors in your home to be more functional, or even serve as an entertainment feature?

If you’re more interested in automation, Séura lighted and TV mirrors are for you! Séura lighted mirrors combine design and function to evenly distribute zero-glare, natural light whether you are in your bedroom, closet, or bathroom. Equipped with custom touch control, different brightness/dimming levels, color temperature options, and a touch control defogger you will be able to get ready for the day while seeing yourself in the best light.

Entertainment and vanity TV mirrors, on the other hand, allow you to design a room and seamlessly incorporate video without worrying about placement or ever having to see the TV. With the help of vanishing technology and professional, flexible audio solutions, you can catch the morning news or enjoy entertainment anywhere a mirror is installed.

For a limited time only, Séura is offering free shipping on every Séura Outdoor TV (a $175 value). Call or text us at 702-648-7474 to learn more about lighted and tv mirrors, and outdoor TVs.