Debunking Common Smart Home Technology Myths & Misconceptions
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From overall cost and security to product quality, starting your smart home journey can be confusing. Not sure what’s a fact or a myth? Acoustic Design Systems has your back! Here are a few common misconceptions to consider when looking to start your smart home journey.

Myth 1 | Smart home technology is expensive

Contrary to popular belief, smart homes can be pretty affordable — it all depends on the devices you want and how integrated you desire your home to be. With so many devices on the market, finding the products that match your budget and smart home vision is simpler than you might think. You can also start small and add to the system. You certainly don’t have to do the whole house at once. You can start with the devices you use the most and build upon that over time.

Myth 2 | My home is too old and small for smart home technology

Smart home technology doesn’t pick and choose which homes to work in, regardless of your home’s location, size, or shape. In fact, adding smart technology into older homes can be beneficial and increase their overall value. As long as you have a secured wireless network, you can turn your home into a smart home one device at a time.

Myth 3 | Smart home technology is not secure

It’s important to the system designers who install smart gadgets to offer devices that are not hacker-friendly. To do this, they use encrypted technology in every aspect of their smart home device. To help you feel more at ease, work with a trustworthy integrator who makes cybersecurity a top priority.

Myth 4 | I can get the same smart home technology from big box retailers

While the types of devices are similar, they aren’t the exact same product. When you work with a professional, you receive high-quality, long-lasting professional-grade products. Integrators purchase these products directly from the manufacturer and generally include installation, setup, onsite programming, a basic walk-through tutorial provided by qualified technicians, and a one-year warranty.

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