Making Your Home a Smart Home: Why Hire a Professional?
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Do-it-yourself projects are becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to smart home technology. Looking to save time and money while avoiding possible headaches and hassles? Think about working with a professional integrator like Acoustic Design Systems.

Hiring an integrator gets you a lot more than meets the eye. With us, you receive white glove service and high-quality, long-lasting professional-grade products. These products are purchased directly from the manufacturer and include installation, setup, on-site programming, and a basic walk-through tutorial provided by qualified technicians, and a one-year warranty.

We understand how important service and support are to our clients – especially after the initial sale and installation. For that reason, Acoustic Design Systems offers a monthly service plan, which can be purchased at any time, with an online service ticket system that is fully automated and tracked via email by our dedicated service team, who are experienced service technicians with a broad range of industry experience and knowledge.

With over 50 expert technicians and 30 service vehicles, Acoustic Design Systems is proud to provide the Southern Nevada community with revolutionary, custom-designed solutions for commercial and residential home automation and security. For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our System Designers, call or text us at 702-648-7474.