What is the “Internet of Things”?

Simply put, it is the concept of connecting just about any device to the Internet for the purpose of Automating and Enhancing your life. These things include cell phones, coffee makers, AV receivers, washing machines, alarm systems, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of. The relationship of these “things” ranges from people-to-people, people-to-things, and things-to-things. No longer are we limited to just Home Automation – the Internet of Things is Life Automation.

What does the Internet of Things (IoT) mean to You?

Here is an example of what a day with the Internet of Things (IoT) could look like in your life.

Your alarm clock wakes up you in the morning and tells your coffee maker to start brewing coffee. Your car has access to your calendar, sees you have a meeting at 8 a.m. and maps the best route. As you sit down to drink your coffee, your car sends you a text message about traffic delays and suggests you leave 10 minutes early to avoid being late to your meeting.

As you rush to leave early for your meeting, you forget to arm the house. The alarm notices that you are several blocks from home and sends you an arming reminder, asking if you want to arm the system.

When you tap the “Arm (Away)” option, the alarm arms your home, locks the doors and adjust your thermostats to save energy and money.

Your work day is over and you start the drive home. As you are driving home your alarm sees that you are getting close. It adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and turns on some lights so the house isn’t dark when you arrive.

Almost all of this example is possible today. In fact, we have become experts in setting up these systems for our clients – and we have been doing it for many years. So much is possible – call us to find out more!