Deter Porch Pirates with Control 4’s New Chime Video Doorbell

As the holiday season approaches, we frequently hear stories about package thefts from doorsteps and front porches, as shoppers receive more and more online purchases delivered directly to their homes. To defend your porch and protect against disappearing packages, Control4 recently released its Chime Video Doorbell, the first video doorbell created to synchronize with all of Control4’s advanced OS 3 features.

Users that have an existing Control4 system can create customized automated action responses based on motion or a doorbell press, such as having the porch lights or indoor lighted turn on. The doorbell features five adjustable zones so users are alerted of important movements around the front door and can send video notifications when movement is detected in either a specific zone or when the doorbell rings.

This doorbell is a great option if you already have a Control4 system in place, or if you are interested in adding one. While there are other smart doorbell systems available, only Control4’s Chime Video Doorbell can be integrated with Control4’s whole-home operating system. This means that a homeowner can see and talk to a visitor who rings their doorbell while unlocking the door, turning on a light in their front entry way, disarming their security system and more, all from the Control4 app on their phone or other handheld device.

If you do not have a Control4 system, we offer several smart doorbell options from a variety of other high-quality brands. To find the best option for your home, call or text us at 702-648-7474 to schedule a free consultation with one of our System Designers.