Staying Safe During Uncertain Times

Have you been searching for ways to further protect your home, family or business in these uncertain times? Incorporating security systems equipped with alarms, monitoring and cameras can give you peace of mind no matter where you are.

With the addition of smart locks, video doorbells, alarm systems and security cameras, your home can become safe and secure at all times. By including digital security aspects throughout your house, we can centralize access control via smartphones, in-wall touch screens or handheld remote control devices. Not only that, but family members and trusted visitors can receive individual user codes to help keep track of who armed or disarmed your house and when they activated the system.

We offer a variety of security systems from DSC, Honeywell, 2GIG, and as well as cameras from HikVision, Axis Communications, Luma Surveillance, Pelco, and FLIR to provide you with the most advanced security technology on the market. Each system comes with 24/7 professional monitoring and guard response.

To upgrade your current security systems or to schedule an installation, give us a call at 702-648-7474.