5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While You Travel

Planning a getaway for 2022? With domestic travel expected to increase and be even busier than pre-pandemic times, now’s the time to make sure your home is safe and secure when you go out of town. Here are 5 smart ways to keep your home safe while you travel.

Security Cameras

Want a way to keep an eye on your home at all times? With security cameras, you can know what’s happening at your property 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Whether or not your system is alarmed, every event is recorded using motion-based capture technology. Integrating your cameras with a smartphone app or a control system will let you see what’s happening in and around your home at all times.

Lighting Control and Motorized Shades

Channel your inner Kevin McCallister and give off the illusion that you never left town with a lighting control system and motorized shades. Integrating them with your smart home automation system will allow you to pre-program and schedule various scenes to make it seem like someone is home at any time of the day.

Alarm Systems

Worried about possible break-ins? Get peace of mind with a smart alarm system. With 24/7 professional monitoring, guard response and technology powered by Alarm.com, you can reduce your risk of theft by as much as 66%. Incorporating carbon monoxide and smoke detectors with your system can keep you safe, even when at home, by alerting you to potentially life-threatening problems.

Doorbell Camera

Need a way to deter porch pirates or know who knocks on your door? With a WIFI-enabled doorbell camera, you can see who visits your front door and have a two-way conversation with them from anywhere you are. 

Smart Locks

Keep your house under “lock and key” while you’re away with smart locks. Equipped with remote access, voice control, and automation scenes, you can easily give guests access to your house using a digital key through your smart lock app.

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