Check out this Inside Look at one of ADS’ Super Smart Homes!

Ever wonder what the inside of a smart home looks like as it’s being built? Get a behind-the-scenes, inside look as Acoustic Design Systems’ CEO and Owner, Christopher Sterle, takes realtor Chakits Krulsawat on a walk-through of what will soon be one of the smartest homes in the Las Vegas Valley.

From the beginning, our System Designers worked with the homeowners to choose devices and systems that fit with their lifestyle. Integrating systems like distributed audio, customized lighting options, voice control such as Josh.AI, a specialized rack to house equipment, motorized shades, security alarm systems, an Atmos Home Theater Surround System along with two additional surround systems and more. All of these smart features will take this home to a new level, making it a more convenient and accessible place to live and entertain.

Learn more about artificial intelligence systems, new smart home technologies, and our company’s latest project – creating one of the smartest homes in Vegas – in this new YouTube video, Inside The Smartest Home in World!

Click here to check out the framework of one of the smartest homes in Las Vegas!