Heading Back to Work and School? We Can Help You Stay Connected to your Home  Even When You’re Away

As the economy reopens and people head back to school and the office, home automation can make controlling your home effortless even when you are away. Implementing smart home technology into your household allows you to customize whole-home automated systems that fit your individual needs and control everything from one single app or a central location. The benefits of complete automation range from remotely controlling your home entertainment preferences and security features, to managing climate control, lighting settings and more.

A smart home provides a way to be aware of what is happening at your house at all times, offering a sense of security and awareness. Eliminate unnecessary worrying about what is happening while you’re at work and your children come home from school, or when you’re spending the weekend at the soccer field. With smart home technology, users can easily check from the app on their phone to see if they turned off the lights or keep an eye on packages that get delivered with the front door camera. Features like preheating the hot tub on your phone to the desired temperature without waiting until you get home from dinner, or remotely adjusting the thermostat as you’re on your way back from the gym are highlights that offer convenience for many homeowners.

A top concern for homeowners is always safety and smart home automation allows you to secure your home no matter where you are. Access to cameras, lights, and locks can give residents peace of mind when they are away from home. Not only can users view cameras at their home, but they can talk to visitors without ever opening the front door. Users are also able to remotely lock doors, disarm or set alarms, and even assign individual codes for guests. All security features can be completely customized for every individual visiting or living within the home.

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