Securing Your Home: Top 5 Things To Look For

Planning a Spring Break trip or heading back into the office? Having an alarm system and cameras can help eliminate the stress of leaving your home and/or kids unattended. Here are five things you should look for when purchasing or upgrading your security system.

Quality is Key

Not all systems are made equal. Quality is essential when choosing a surveillance system. Whether you’re purchasing a commercial-grade or consumer-grade system, you want to make sure the cameras they come with are high quality, work well in mixed lighting conditions, have night vision infrared (IR) illuminators, and have a minimum resolution of 1080p.


Nowadays, security systems are rarely stand-alone solutions. Installing one with integration capability not only creates a more connected home, but it allows all of your devices to work together. For example, you can set up a scene when, if an alarm is triggered, your lights automatically turn on, your perimeter doors lock, you receive a notification, and authorities are notified.

Individual User Codes

Individual user codes help make your home even more secure. By providing roommates and family members with their own codes, you will know who has armed or disarmed the system by receiving an immediate text message or email notification. You can even create temporary codes for houseguests to provide access to your home. Don’t want certain users to have access on specific days or after a certain time? You can also set parameters to each code to assign restricted access.

Dedicated Connection

Unlike some systems on the market, our alarm systems operate using a dedicated cellular connection. This ensures that your property remains secure even if the phone line is cut, the power is out, or the internet is down.

System Support

Peace of mind is important when choosing a security system. That’s why we offer a comprehensive monthly service plan that is available for all of our systems. With 24/7 technical support, proactive and reactive remote repairs, bi-annual firmware updates, and more, you can live peacefully without worrying about your system’s reliability.

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