Smart Home Devices Can Do More Than Protect Your Home

Smart home devices are becoming more popular, especially for security and reasons that allow you to keep an eye on your pets or children when you’re not at home. Equipped with remote access, text alerts, and notifications, you’ll know that your property is protected at all times. While beneficial for security and peace of mind, protective smart-home devices can do a lot more – including saving you money.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, homes with protective devices such as smart door locks, alarm systems, garage door openers, and smart thermostats are becoming more common and noticeable to insurance companies. Knowing these devices help prevent potential losses and property damage, insurance companies have teamed up with manufacturers to provide credits or discounts to homeowners’ premium rates.

Not all discounts are created equal, though. It all depends on the insurance company you have, which devices you own and regularly use, any current credits or discounts you are receiving, and the city and state where you live. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier as well, because not all companies offer reductions and not all devices are eligible for discounts.

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