Smart Home Technology That Renters Want In 2022

Unsure about adding smart home technology to your rental property? Don’t be! As more devices are introduced and smart homes are becoming the new standard, renters are also looking for modern amenities that make their residences smarter. Whether it’s a singular device or a whole-home system, here are some of the most popular smart home devices renters are interested in.

According to a recent survey, smart thermostats, cameras, smart locks, smart lights, and voice controlled automation systems are some of the most popular devices renters want and are willing to pay extra for.

With smart thermostats, renters not only save on their monthly energy bills but also have remote access to their HVAC system. Providing remote access to property managers allows potential system issues to be addressed in a timely manner via push notifications.

Installing smart security devices like cameras, locks and lights not only keeps residents and their homes safe all year round but provides peace of mind to renters knowing their property is being protected around the clock.

Whether you install a smart speaker or use a device’s built-in voice assistant, integrating everything with a voice automation system makes it easier for residents to operate all of the property’s smart devices in one place.

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