The Resurgence of Home Theaters

The pandemic changed the way the world views entertainment. With everyone forced to stay home, homeowners started searching for new ways to keep their families entertained. Many decided to upgrade their home entertainment system, which included an increased demand for home theaters. Even though cinemas are beginning to reopen, with access to the latest films at home, many consumers are choosing to enjoy movie nights in the comfort of their own house rather than returning to crowded theaters.

When people couldn’t enjoy their normal “dinner and a movie” outings last year, many became interested in stepping up their home entertainment capabilities. According to CE Pro, custom integrators installed an average of 11 home theater projects in the last year. “Those 11 home theater projects included five dedicated private cinema rooms, along with six home theaters designed for multipurpose rooms, such as dens/family rooms, living rooms and great rooms.” Although home theaters in the past were often viewed as a bonus feature, it is increasingly becoming standard, especially in new construction.

When it comes to creating your home theater, we have a variety of products to create the perfect space including a wide selection of TVs, projectors, speakers and amplifiers that can both enhance your viewing experience and provide immersive surround sound. With smart home automation, you can adjust the lights, start the movie, lower the shades and more with the single push of one button customized for your ideal movie night.

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