Top Smart Home Trends for the Holiday Season
Photo credit: Sonance

Looking to upgrade your home with the latest smart home technology this holiday season? Or, maybe you just purchased a new home and you’re looking to modernize your digs to fit with your on-the-go lifestyle. From entertainment tech to vanity features, you can stay on trend with some of the most popular products to hit the market this year.

TV Mirrors

Running late for work and don’t want to have the news on as background noise? Thanks to TV mirrors, multitasking while getting ready just became a little easier. These inconspicuous TVs not only act as functional mirrors but use vanishing technology to seamlessly incorporate video so you can catch the morning news or enjoy entertainment anywhere a mirror is installed.

Invisible Speakers

Does your sound system take up too much space in your living room or entertaining area? Then you might consider the Sonance Invisible Series. Their shallow design and installation process allows them to emit sound while leaving no visual footprint. These luxurious speakers can be installed into any wall or ceiling for complete invisibility while delivering high-quality ambient sound throughout any space.

Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

Looking to invest in a projector, but don’t want the hassle of mounting it? Then check out an Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector. These projectors are an evolution of existing ‘short throw’ beamers and use special wide-angle lenses and mirrors to “throw” the image from a very short distance (a matter of inches). Thanks to their laser projection, 120″ images can be displayed at a steep angle without being distorted or pixelated.

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