Dolby Atmos – You Have to Experience It!

Even though technology changes fast, it is a rare occasion for a new technology to be a game changer. Since Dolby Atmos arrived on the cinema scene in 2012, the technology has set a new precedent for movie sound.

What is Atmos? It is an exciting new surround sound format that puts you in a 360-degree bubble of sound by adding 2 or 4 additional speakers to a standard surround sound system. With its object-oriented audio engineering and additional speakers, Dolby Atmos is changing how sound is experienced in your Home Theater or Living Room.

  • What if I already have a standard surround sound system?
  • Do I have to start over?

Good News… You don’t! In fact, you’re almost halfway there! All of your existing speaker can be used in your new Atmos system. You only need to add 2 or 4 more speakers and upgrade your surround sound receiver to one with Dolby Atmos.

Experience Dolby Atmos for yourself…

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