How Poor Acoustics Can Lead to Negative Health Consequences Over Time

Did you know that poor acoustics can harm your health over time without you consciously realizing anything is happening? Many business owners don’t realize how important it is to take into consideration the acoustics in their office, retail or hospitality space. According to HTA, our bodies are subconsciously always listening to noise around us to detect whether or not we are in safe situations. Bad acoustics can lead your brain to detect these sound reflections and putting your body in a constant state of alert, which then puts your body through unnecessary stress. Overtime, this can lead to negative effects on a person’s health such as sleep disturbance, cardiovascular effects, hearing problems, etc.

Acoustic panels and sound clouds are a great option to control volume levels. Decorative acoustic panels can completely change the sound of any room with absorption and diffusion. Similar to acoustic panels, sound clouds are hung parallel and offset to the ceiling to absorb sound waves and reduce echo. They can help keep noise down in large, crowded areas such as restaurants so that patrons can hear each other better. Work areas where we may not realize how loud the volume can get can lead to performance issues. As people often discuss confidential information in conference rooms and offices, by incorporating acoustic panels and sound clouds into the workplace it can change the auditory dynamics to maintain confidentiality. While people often like listening to loud music during workout classes, it’s important for gyms to keep the music contained within each room.

Consider changing acoustic dynamics by customizing sound clouds and acoustic panels to fit your business needs and aesthetic. Our selection of custom acoustic panels can enhance your workspace and improve your overall health! Check out our Acoustic Panel idea gallery online to view some of our different offerings and call or text us at 702-648-7474 to schedule a free consultation with one of our System Designers.