Buying a New Home? Here are the Top Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine Which Smart Home Products are Right for You

The process of building a new home or buying an existing property can be stressful but choosing smart home products doesn’t have to be. Whether you are looking for ways to keep your new place safe or simply want an upgraded entertainment system compared to your previous home, smart home products provide convenience for your life and amp up the fun! Here are four helpful questions to ask yourself when deciding what smart home technology to install in your new home:

Which type of network is right for you – wired or wireless?

One of the biggest things to decide is finding the right network that works for your lifestyle. Do you plan on leisurely browsing, or do you require a stronger network to support working from home and virtual learning?  Hard wired local area networks (LAN) use advanced and up-to-date Ethernet cables, hubs, and switches to provide users with consistent and reliable connectivity. Wireless networks are multi-functional devices with built-in firewall capabilities and utilize encryption standards to protect data. Both networks have their own reliability, performance and security benefits that can be fit for any homeowner’s needs.

How do you want to control your home?

Convenience can play an important role in deciding how to control your smart home products. Consider utilizing a whole home automation system to simplify controlling all of your smart home features through one central location. Having everything on one phone app will keep you connected even when you’re away from home. Maybe you even want to install a wall mounted touch screen so everyone in your home can have access to the controls. When you install a whole home automation system, you can completely customize all aspects of the technology to your specific preferences, such as what time your landscape lighting comes on, what time your living rooms shades open, or what music plays when you step in the kitchen to cook dinner.

What are priority areas in your home?

Some areas of homes are used more than others. Does your family like to spend most of their time outside? Discuss options like satellite speakers, outdoor TVs and landscape lighting to turn your backyard into the perfect entertaining spot! Is your family more interested in a comfortable night in? Consider incorporating surround sound systems, media walls or even turning your family room into a personal home theater. Smart home products can be personalized to fit your family’s specific needs and wants.

What type of security measures do you want in place?

A top concern of most homeowners is safety. Smart home products like cameras, alarms and automated door locks can give peace of mind when you’re both home and away. Taking a vacation and worried what might be happening at home? Use your phone to check cameras at your front and back doors, check if and when the locks in your home have been activated, or turn on your security alarm. Smart home products can give you the power to ensure that your home is always safe with the touch of a button from anywhere.

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