Increase Your Home’s Value with Smart Technology
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Since 2019, the real estate market has been extremely competitive with single-family homes, townhomes, and condos all selling at record-breaking prices. Currently, demand is slowing down, housing inventory remains, and listings are selling at slower rates – making it an attractive market for homebuyers. Whether or not you plan to sell, now’s the perfect time to think about increasing your home value with smart home technology. Here are a few devices that can help make an impact.

Smart Climate Controls – Forget about ever touching your thermostat again, in fact, forget about the thermostat altogether. With an automated climate control system, your thermostat is wherever you are – giving you the ability to turn on or off your HVAC system from any location and be notified of any potential system issues when you’re out and about.

Smart Security Devices – Planning a trip but don’t trust hiring a house sitter? No problem! With smart security devices like security cameras, alarm systems, doorbell cameras, and smart locks, you can keep an eye on your residence at all times using a simple smartphone app.

Smart Lighting & Shades – Looking for ways to save on your home’s annual energy bill? With smart lighting and motorized shades, you can make the “brighter” choice and maximize your energy efficiency every year. Not only that, but integrated together, smart lighting and shades also help with aesthetics and add an extra layer of security to make it look like you’re home when you’re not.

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