Smart Home Lessons Learned From COVID-19

This past year has exposed many at-home challenges, providing homeowners with opportunities to improve their homes to accommodate these changes. Implementing home upgrades can forever change our lives for the better, well beyond the pandemic.

Need for Reliable Internet and Bandwidth

Remote workers, students on Zoom and streaming platforms all require homes to have dependable home networks, both wired and wireless. The home office is one of fastest growing frontiers for connected technology in the home, as people have been working from home more and will continue to do so, possibly forever. With the use of the home network increasing, people are now inclined to upgrade the functionality of their space by adding the latest fast and reliable wireless connections, sound proofing, audio and visual improvements, lighting and more.

Home Safety and Security is a Top Priority

Safety is always a top priority for homeowners. Both physical and online security gives residents peace of mind, allowing them to conveniently monitor and control access to the home. Think of it as the eyes and ears whether you are inside your home or away. When you install smart home security aspects such as smart locks, video doorbells, alarm systems and security cameras throughout your house, you can centralize your control via smartphones, in-wall touch screens or handheld tablet devices providing ease and convenience.

Expanding Your Home Entertainment Options

It can be a challenge having your kids home all day and brainstorming new ways to keep them entertained. Homeowners are able to customize their entertainment options to make staying at home as fun as possible. Miss going out to the movies? One button can turn on the TVs, adjust the surround sound, close the shades and adjust the lights to turn any home into a personal home theater. Custom media walls, both indoor and outdoor, can have every sports fan enjoying the game as if they are right there in the stadium. You can even host your own family dance parties with customized audio systems designed to play music throughout the entire house.

Smart Home Technology is Convenient, Even When You’re Not Nome

As life begins to normalize with kids back at school and homeowners returning to the office, smart home technology can help people remain connected to their home. Customized whole-home automation systems provide the ability to monitor and control your home from a single central location, no matter where you are. Use your phone to check on locks, activate alarms, turn off lights and even change the thermostat. Access your home cameras to check on kids if they get home from school while you’re still wrapping up your day at the office. Don’t forget about the backyard – as the weather warms up, you can eliminate getting out of the pool by using your app to turn on the music or outdoor TVs.

A Whole-Home Automation System is Ideal for Everything to Run Seamlessly

Many homeowners already have smart home devices in their homes and with the help of integrators, you can connect all of your home’s automated features into a custom whole-home automation system. Aspects can be programmed and personalized for each specific family member. Through a panel on the wall or an app on your phone, you can control both indoor and outdoor features such as lighting, music, security, pools, spas, security features, shades and more. The best thing about having a fully connected smart home is that you can access the app on your phone from anywhere, whether you’re at home, in your backyard or across the country. No matter where you are or how old you are, it can become as easy and convenient as the push of a single button.

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